About Us

At PayClarity, we work with your business to provide payments processing, payroll outsourcing and point of sale solutions based on your specific needs.

By partnering with the top processors and providers in the industry, we are able to tailor fit solutions to not only lower costs, but also enable your business to operate smoothly and efficiently with proven solutions.

With 20+ years of industry experience, our team of experts have helped over 3,000 businesses across the country of all sizes and types.

With us, you will receive the unparalleled service and easy-to-read, transparent monthly statements that the largest and most sophisticated big box stores and chains receive, as well as the opportunity to implement cutting edge, cloud based software and equipment to operate your business at the highest level.

PayClarity was founded on the principles of honesty, transparency and integrity in financial transactions.

This means delivering on what we promise. We don’t raise rates arbitrarily or implement new “junk fees” year after year just to hit a stock price or an earnings projection, which unfortunately so many of the larger publicly owned processing companies are inevitably forced to do. We’d prefer to offer a pricing guarantee, have you happily refer us to other businesses, and serve as a great reference for us…rather than gouge customers for profit, have high attrition rates, and obtain a bad reputation that so many of our competitors in this industry are known for.