Point of Sale

Stand Alone Terminals

With our fully and semi-integrated terminals, accepting and transmitting payments securely is easy! Our terminals support EMV chip cards, tap-to-pay smart phone transactions, and traditional swiped transactions. Additionally, our customer-facing pin pad allows customers to present credit, debit, and gift cards, choose tip suggestions, and sign electronically, making the payment process more convenient for everyone involved.

Mobile Payments

If your business is mobile / off-site, or if you require an additional payment terminal in your shop to minimize wait times for customers, PayClarity’s mobile app and associated Bluetooth card reader are the perfect tools to accept various payment methods, including chip, swiped, tap-to-pay, cash, and checks while in the field.

Online Invoicing / "Click-to-Pay"

We offer assistance establishing and gathering bill payments and invoices, enabling your customers to pay their bills in their preferred way – phone, web, mobile, or in person. By automating invoices digitally, you can save time and money. You can create and send professional invoices using customizable templates and track the status of outstanding invoices. You can also send automated payment confirmation emails.


Easily receive payments from your customers through your website, anytime. Boost your sales potential by establishing an online presence that makes it easier for potential customers to locate and purchase goods and services from you.


Our tablet and cloud-based point-of-sale options are designed to operate from a single location or multiple locations – ensuring your business runs smoothly, whatever the location. Our platform includes pay-at-the-table, online ordering, employee time and attendance, inventory management, and gift/loyalty card acceptance, all on a single platform.


We offer processing solutions that can seamlessly integrate with most all point-of-sale and terminal solutions currently available in the market. Our team takes the initiative to handle the conversion process in collaboration with your local POS dealer, ensuring a smooth and prompt transition. In case the current system is proprietary, we offer alternatives to replace it with a modern and all-inclusive solution.