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Credit card processing is a crucial component of running a successful retail business. It allows customers to make purchases using their preferred method of payment, including credit and debit cards, which can lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction. Retail businesses choose PayClarity to ensure secure and efficient transactions for both the business and customers.

Bars & Restaurants

Most folks today don’t carry their checkbook or cash in their wallets. That’s why credit card processing is an essential aspect of running a bar or restaurant. It enables the business to accept payment from customers through various credit and debit cards, making the checkout process quick and easy. To ensure a seamless credit card processing experience, restaurants can opt for a reliable and secure payment processor, such as PayClarity.

Medical Practices

Your patients deserve a quick and easy check-out process before and after their visit. In order to provide this convenience, doctor’s offices and other medical practices need to partner with a reliable payment processing provider, such as PayClarity, so they can securely accept payments and protect their patients’ sensitive information. By offering credit card processing, medical practices are able to improve the overall patient experience and increase their revenue by reducing the number of delinquent payments.


In most trades, including plumbing, HVAC and electrical maintenance you accept payment once a service has been provided, which is usually at the customer’s home or business. Having customers pay with a credit/debit card is usually the preferred method of payment which means these companies need mobile systems that are RELIABLE and SECURE. By offering credit card processing through partner companies such as PayClarity, these businesses increase their revenue by making it easy for their customer to submit payments.

Salon & Spas

Credit card processing enables a salon or a spa’s customers to pay for services using their preferred method of payment, including a credit or debit card. This makes the checkout process quick and convenient. By partnering with a trusted payment processing provider like PayClarity, salons, and spas can ensure secure and efficient transactions, improve customer satisfaction, and increase revenue.

Auto Service

The Auto service industry, like most other industries, relies on a speedy customer experience. Customers getting their vehicles serviced want to be in and out quickly and shops want to ensure the service bill is being paid on time and in full. Having cash laying around adds more risk than its worth. Auto Repair shops partner with reliable payment processing providers, such as PayClarity to ensure secure and efficient credit card processing.

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