Pricing Guarantee

Have you ever noticed random rate increases with your current processor? Several times a year, the card brands adjust their wholesale cost structure known as Interchange. The biggest changes usually happen in April and October. You may have gotten letters or notices on your statement about these changes, but did your processor add their own increases as well?

PayClarity passes through all cost increases AND decreases in Interchange, but we guarantee that our profit will remain consistent for the entirety of your relationship with us. You can feel confident that you are not getting ‘nickeled and dimed’ with so-called junk fees.

Local Service

Our locally based sales and service technicians are professionally trained and at your disposal whenever you need their assistance or an on-site visit. They’ll ensure that your equipment is correctly installed and functioning at its peak potential. Additionally, our online merchant portal is accessible around-the-clock, enabling you to view various reports, batches, deposits, statements, and other critical information.

Interchange Plus Pricing

Regardless of the processing volume or size, PayClarity extends the “Interchange Plus” pricing model to all businesses. Formerly restricted to high-volume accounts and national chains, Interchange Plus constitutes authentic wholesale pricing.

In this pricing structure, PayClarity conveys the actual cost from the card brands (V/MC/AMEX/DISC) to our clients, along with a predetermined markup that safeguards merchants from unwarranted price hikes.

Easy To Read Statements

In contrast to the convoluted and deliberately obscure fee bundling approach adopted by several competitors, PayClarity presents our merchants with easy-to-read monthly statements. These statements accurately demonstrate the amounts paid and the associated charges. They also indicate the fees that were transferred to the card brands and the portion retained by PayClarity as profit – thereby ensuring full disclosure and transparency.

Next Day Funding

Our customers won’t be delayed in receiving their deposits! Regardless of your bank association, we facilitate the receipt of weekend sales deposits every Monday, along with the option to obtain your funds on the following day throughout the week. This can provide several benefits for merchants, including: 1) quicker access to funds, 2) improved cash flow, 3) reduced financial strain, and 4) increased flexibility.

Non-Cash Adjustments

Non-cash adjustments (NCA) are a type of pricing strategy that can provide several benefits for credit card processing merchants. By implementing NCAs, merchants can offset some or all of their payment processing fees by offering discounts to customers who pay with cash or check. This can help merchants save money on processing fees and increase their revenue by encouraging customers to use non-card payment methods. Additionally, NCAs can help merchants remain compliant with card network rules and regulations by ensuring that their pricing strategies are fair, transparent, and non-discriminatory.